See best Ankara designs for gowns in 2018. In season, designers once again take care of Nigerian fashionistas. They create contemporary stunning Ankara designs for gowns, keeping in mind different styles and needs of our ladies.

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What Ankara dresses 2018 are the most relevant? We reviewed Ankara gowns prepared for season 2018 and saw a lot of spectacular details, styles, and prints of Ankara fashion.

Latest Ankara styles and silhouettes

All fashion journalists mention one of the most current style – free tailoring. There are plenty of the free-cut Ankara dresses in collections 2018. Among them, we can see maxi, midi, and short Ankara styles for ladies.

Ankara long gown styles

Fitted and straight Ankara maxi dresses are on demand. They have an amazing ability to add growth visually and pull out the silhouette.

Flared gowns and styles are often chosen for festive occasions as these dresses are the most memorable and stylish. Trapezoidal maxi or midi dresses are also popular among ladies.

Ankara short gown styles

Despite a large number of maxi dresses, designers don’t forget about Ankara short gown styles. For owners of a slim figure, the ultra-short dresses are offered. The short gown with a collar became a real hit in 2018. It should be noted that such items can be of any color and style. Ankara short dresses 2018 with a large flared bottom and a fitted top are a real hit.

Ankara dresses in 2018 have the next base fashion trends:

ruches and frills;

multilayered design;

asymmetric tailoring

Here you can add a complicated cut, all kinds of garters, belts, and accidentally sticking textile flaps.

The multi-layered dresses and gowns with asymmetric cut look great. The fabrics are cut lengthwise and crosswise. The skirt of such dresses can have various asymmetries. The trendy gown can be either a

shortened dress like a dress-case with a train;

model with a straight skirt and a long flowing back;

option with a triangular hem in the back

Unique Ankara dresses: types of tailoring

Ankara gowns in retro style

Nigerian ladies should pay attention to Ankara gowns in retro style. The most popular styles of the20s, the 50s, the 60s, the 80s in a somewhat unusual interpretation, received the ‘second life’ in collections 2018. Sleeves-lanterns, buffers, midi and maxi length, round shoulders, etc. are again relevant. Some models resemble the images of Hollywood actresses of the 50s.

Romantic style with Ankara

Romantic style remains in fashion. Pastel colors, small and gentle patterns, flying silhouettes, an abundance of flounces and ruches help to create a gentle outfit for young girls and ladies.

Simple Ankara gowns

At the same time, minimalism doesn’t disappear entirely. Therefore, if you are confident in your taste and elegance, safely wear simple Ankara gowns without unnecessary details.

Trendy balloon gowns

Ankara balloon dress is hard to miss! Original tailoring and bright colors and prints create a spectacular image.

Dress with trousers

Almost any gown can be used together with trousers. Therefore, add pants to your favorite attire. They should be combined with the dress in style and color palette, and your new image is ready.

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Ankara dress shirt

In season 2018, designers offer to wear long dresses-shirts with loose or asymmetrical tailoring. Such outfits designers recommend wearing in addition to trousers or shorts, slightly unbuttoned, and with a belt at the waist.

Kimono and dresses-robes

Oriental styles are a favorite theme of many designers, so the influence of the Japanese kimono remains in fashion. Kimonos, dresses-robes, as well as gowns with a mandarin collar are preferable. Unfastened dresses-robes combined with look spectacularly.

Dresses with voluminous sleeves

The gowns’ sleeves play a significant role. Thanks to the sleeve tailoring, you can emphasize the style of different eras. In new season 2018, wide and voluminous sleeves of different lengths are extremely popular.

Ankara gowns with open shoulders

Ankara off-shoulder dresses are incredibly favorite among young girls because they make an image extraordinarily feminine. Such dresses are most often chosen for special events. But there are patterns and simple tailoring that are used in everyday wear. Such styles can also go with sleeves. Some styles are complemented with an elastic band, which plays the role of a tightening element on the shoulders.

Sometimes such dresses are made with straps, giving the décolleté zone a spectacular V-shape shoulder line.

Color palette for unique Ankara styles

Ankara bright color dresses are at the pick of popularity. Such classic colors as brown, black, gray, beige, white and saturated – pink, emerald, orange, purple, turquoise, blue are relevant. The three most popular colors in the season 2018 are coral, burgundy, and indigo.

White is one of the most relevant colors in hot weather. The color is suitable for all women of any age. If your figure has extra pounds, dilute it with other colors, because white is friendly to all tones.

Yellow is also up-to-date 2018. This color raises the mood, pleases, and attracts the eye. Red and black colors are relevant too. Black and white mixed gowns are at the peak of demand.

Fashion gurus also offer red and green gowns with simple tailoring to avoid the image overloading.

Coral tone keeps the leading position not only the first season. Many designers have included this color in their latest collections.

Pastel tones of Ankara dresses 2018 are trendy again. They give a special charm to the whole image. Their variety creates a refined mood, elegance, restraint, freshness, and romance. Among the pastel colors, a special place is occupied by delicate pink color.

Ankara bright colors are in trend. Saturated crimson and fuchsia combined in Ankara dress create the joy of life and festive mood.

Patterns and prints

Trendy gowns with floral and abstract prints are ‘must have’ for Nigerian ladies. Designers’ fantasy has no boundaries, so you can use Ankara fabric with flowers of different sizes and colors. True to say, lovely Ankara fabrics correspond to the latest fashion chips completely.

Small and large flowers, abstract and geometric patterns, all kinds of curls, leaves, as well as ornate African motifs are in demand without any exception. You can find something to your taste.

Besides, the dresses with stripes are back in vogue this season. Black and white stripes are a universal print. For the past five years, they dropped out of fashion only last season. This year the primacy gets a print with strips of various directions.

Abstract prints with an unusual pattern for Ankara gowns are also relevant. Animal prints remain in vogue in this fashion season too.

Ankara gowns for wedding

A great variety of trendy décor is used in Ankara styles for wedding. An exquisite trim can turn out even a dress with the simplest tailoring into the festive outfit.

Among the decorative elements for Ankara gowns, artificial flowers occupy one of the leading places. Images with sequins, rivets, and other reflective elements are suitable for events including a wedding.

In this season, bright dresses are up-to-date. Therefore, Nigerian women will be pleased with the clothes decorated with palettes, sequins, and beads.

The embroidered sleeves, décolletage or even the hem of the dress look very festive and spectacular.

In season 2018, just like in the previous season assemblies, folds and frills remain popular. You should know this year a lot of frills and folds are used in one outfit.

Designers placed ruches on the shoulders, around the waist and chest. Buying or making Ankara gowns for wedding with ruffles, choose the item with an additional volume where you need it. Multi-tiered skirts, frills, and flounces are also relevant.

For the most feminine and romantic natures, in each season designers create dresses with flounces. In season 2018 flounces are large and sculptural. They can be everywhere – on the collar, shoulder, hem, and sleeves.

As before, Ankara dresses with transparent inserts are in trend this season. Chiffon and lace textiles are most often used for them. Moreover, today such transparent inserts are used only for décolleté and sleeves. The transparent inserts are also made all over the dress, complementing the chic look with a complex cut.

Moreover, a long-long fringe takes an honorable place among different types of trim.

Do you want to try on the image of a “paradise bird”? Then you will need a dress for wedding with a décor of weightless feathers.

In this fashion season, there is a wide variety of Ankara dress styles. Each Nigerian fashionista can choose the appropriate style of Ankara gown among the many offered designs. Get chic in Ankara gowns!