If you are hoping to live a happy and successful life, you must stay away from toxic people.

Toxic people are annoying, they rob your happiness and drain your energy. While you should learn how to correlate with different personalities, toxic people are not worth your time and energy.

But you must first learn how to identify them so that you can keep them off. What follows is a list of toxic people you should start avoiding:

1. The victim

This is the kind of person who makes no effort to deal with their problems. They choose to suffer and seek sympathy from you. While it’s good to support people, these kinds of people will only drain you since they are not willing to try working out their problems.

2. People who do not believe in you

Unchain yourself from people who do not believe in you (leoadambiga)


These are the worst people to be with and they will always try to bring you down. They will try to show you how your plan will fail and will never support your idea. To be successful, you need to surround yourself with people who see the best in you.

3. The needy

A friend in need is a friend indeed but one who is always needy becomes more of a liability. You do not need a person who only comes to you whenever they need help. These people act as if you are their therapist for all their problems.

Don’t always be the needy one (YouTube)

4. Haters

They hate their job, their family, the government and everything in the universe. They have nothing to appreciate in life and are always hating on people and blaming others for their failures. Stay away from such negative people by all means.

5. Bragger

They will talk about their achievements all day and night and will never listen to you. These kinds of people can make you feel unimportant as they are always trying to prove that they outsmart everyone.

6. Liars

If they lie once, forgive them. But if they make it a habit, dump them immediately. Liars will always trigger your anger and are untrustworthy.

7. Gossipers

He who tells you about others tells others about you (sisterhoodagenda)


Making fun of a person’s failure and their personal affairs might seem like a fun thing to do but it’s not. People who are always gossiping about other people are also likely to gossip about you. Keep them off and don’t pay attention to them.


news If you are hoping to live a happy and successful life, you must stay away from toxic people.Toxic people are annoying, they rob your…

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