Understanding Valentines Day
Why you can’t be my Valentine:

February 14th was called “Lupercalla”
                 Or “day of the wolf”

This was a day that was sacred to the sexual frenzy of the goddess Juno.
This day also honoured the Roman gods, Lupercus and Faunus, as well as the legendary twin brothers, who supposedly founded Rome, REMUS AND ROMULUS

Lupercous= hunter of wolves

The Romans called the festival the “lupercalia.”The custom of exchanging valentines and all the other traditions in honour of Lupercus who was also linked with an ancient pagan practice of teen-agers “going steady” it usually led to fornication.

The day of Lupercalia

On this day, the Luperci or priests of Lupercus dressed in goat skins for a bloody ceremony. The wolf god would sacrifice goats and a dog and then smear themselves with blood; he would run around a hill while waving a goat skin called “februa.” from where we get the name February. Women would sit around the hill, as the priest would strike them with a goat skin to