A survivor of shootings at the Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government Secretariat, Lagos, Habeeb Aweda, has narrated to The Nation how he survived gunshots by hoodlums during the last primary election.

Aweda and others were shot on October 5 during collation of primary election results at the secretariat.

However, Rilwan Musa (aka Apata) and AbdulQuadri Adebayo (alias Uche) were unlucky. They died during the shootings.

Writhing in pains, Aweda said he was inside the council secretariat with others, celebrating the victory of Abdoulbaq Ladi Balogun, a former lawmaker, who is seeking a return to the Lagos State House of Assembly.

He said the celebration was disrupted when they heard gunshots.

“We were jubilating at the council secretariat with my friends. Then we started hearing gunshots,” Aweda said.

He said he looked at the direction of the gunshots and saw people running towards the gate.

“Before I could run, the bullets hit me and I became unconscious. Friends took me to hospitals.

“Unfortunately, all hospitals, including private ones, were not opened. I and others were taken to traditional medical attendants at Alayabiagba.

“I regained consciousness at the place. I was told that 24 bullets were removed from my body. My people later bought me to this hospital. The doctor removed another 17 bullets. I don’t know if there are still more in my body,” Aweda he said.

He told The Nation that he’s still feeling pains in the chest.

“The doctor said we should do chest X-ray. That has been done. We are awaiting the results” Aweda said.

A neighbour, Abdullahi Omobolaji, said he learnt that a party leader, who was not happy about the outcome of the election, ordered hoodlums to “shoot on sight.”

“Immediately, the man gave the order, the hoodlums opened fire on everybody. People scampered for safety. Many, who sustained gunshot injuries, were taken to hospitals. Unfortunately, the General Hospital and private own ones were shut. Some were taken to traditional medical attendants, others were rushed to medical centres outside the council,” he said

Another victim, Abdul Rasak Umar, who lives at Alayabiagba, said he sustained bullet wounds in his head, back and leg.

“We were in the council secretariat, awaiting the result when we heard gunshots. Everybody ran for safety. As I was running, I sustained gunshot injuries in the head, back and leg. My brother, Ridwan, was shot dead,” he said.

Olawale Aweda said a bullet hit him in the leg.

“I was taken to General Hospital on Lagos Island, where I was treated with three others,” he said.

Yakub Lafia said the guns and other weapons used to attack the people were kept in a vehicle in the council secretariat.

“When we got to the council, we sat on a bus, unaware that the hoodlums hid guns and other weapons inside the bus. Someone told us not to spoil the bus and we were asked to stand up. We went outside the secretariat. While returning, the hoodlums fired two shots at the crowd. We were also shot. We saw blood and heard the voices of our people, who were injured. We were chased with guns,” he said.