Kalashnikov, who made the iconic AK47 launched an electric car which they think competes with Tesla. At the Army 2018 military exposition near Moscow, the Russian company presented it’s new concept car along with the specifications. The design is based on the 70s Soviet car – the IZh 2125 Kombi.

The car from the front, August 2018.  (Kalashnikov Concern Media)

The makers of the world’s most famous rifle, the AK-47, have shown off a concept electric car they say can rival Telsa.

Russian company Kalashnikov launched the Soviet-style CV-1 at the Army 2018 military exposition in Moscow.

Kalashnikov told Russian news outlet RBK on Thursday that they expect it to “keep up” with Tesla.

It can run for about 217 miles according to the company, reaching 60 mph in six seconds.

The Russian company behind the AK47 launched an electric car at a Moscow military expo on Tuesday – and claim it can rival Elon Musk’s Tesla.

Kalashnikov said they’ve based the design of the new CV-1 on a 1970s Soviet hatchback, the IZh 2125 “Kombi” – and it couldn’t be more different from the futuristic Tesla range with which it wants to compete.

The car’s specifications, according to the company website, include a battery capacity of 90 kW per hour, 220 kW of power, and a cruising range of 217 miles (350 km).

Here’s a video by Kalashnikov’s showing off the car:

They say the car goes from 0 to 62 mph in 6 seconds. The CV-1 is still in the concept phase, and Kalashnikov haven’t suggested a launch date or a price.

They launched the brand-new model at the international forum “Army-2018,” target=”_blank” which is a showcase of 28,000 military items from 1,500 companies.

The car from the front, August 2018.  (Kalashnikov Concern Media)

The CV-1 electric car from behind, August 2018.  (Kalashnikov Concern Media)

When Russian news outlet RBK asked the Kalashnikov spokesperson how the CV-1 was better than a Tesla “she could not name the specific advantages of the Kalashnikov car,” they reported.

Kalashnikov spokeswoman Sofia Ivanova also told RBC: “The car is competing with Tesla because it’s currently a successful electric vehicle project. We expect to at least keep up with it.”