The process of actually frying fried rice in batches can be very stressful. Here’s a much simpler way to get your fried rice.

Easy-peasy method of preparing Nigerian fried rice without frying  (Chef Lola’s Kitchen)

Do you have fried rice on your mind after a long day at work? This easy-peasy one-pot method will have you with a plate of fried rice in no time!

It’s almost like preparing jollof rice. Unfortunately, there is a certain dry oily texture to fried rice that most times cannot be achieved without frying. To get it with this recipe, it will require less water and lots of concentration.


2 cups parboiled rice (add some curry when parboiling to give it the classic fried rice colour)

Vegetable Oil

Garlic and ginger

Chicken (fried or grilled)

Chicken stock water

2 onions

100g fried liver or diced sausages

1 tablespoon Nigerian curry powder

½ cup green beans and green peas

½ cup diced carrots

½ cup sweet corn

3 tablespoons diced red bell pepper

Salt (to taste)

3 stock cubes

1 tablespoon thyme


1. Put some oil in a clean pot. Add the pepper, ginger, garlic and onions and allow to fry for about 3 minutes. Then, pour the stock water into the pot.

2. Add curry, thyme and stock cubes. Then add salt to taste.

3. Pour the parboiled rice into the mixture and mix. Add some warm water to just below the level of the rice.

4. Allow the rice to steam for 20-30 minutes on medium to low heat, checking on it at intervals.

5. When the rice is soft, add the chopped vegetables on top of the rice for them to steam.

6. When rice is done, turn off heat and stir. Allow to settle.

Easy-peasy method of preparing Nigerian fried rice without frying  (Naija Chef)

Your rice is ready! Serve with chicken and coleslaw.