Although only six of the 23 crocodile species are considered dangerous to humans, estimated figures predict that between 275 and 745 attacks take place on humans each year with 63 percent being fatal.

One such example is the death of Syarifuddin, a 41-year-old man, who was killed in the waters of Berau, Indonesia on Tuesday after bathing in the river.

Remarkably, the crocodile that killed him returned his body to the shore, with a local witch doctor claiming he summoned the body.

Distressing Images

Credit: Viral Press

Police had assumed that Syarifuddin had been taken to the depths of the river when they failed to retrieve the body, but villagers contacted a black magic wizard in an effort to bring back his body alive.

The croc can then be seen floating to the banks with his body in its jaws, sparking theories that it had been protecting the body from other predators, who may have chosen to eat it.

A friend of Syarifuddan, Andi Resmin, described what happened, reports the Metro.

He said: “He was just in the water and the crocodile humped at him and took him.”

Another villager, Eet, said that the cause of the death was due to Syarifuddin not paying attention to a local myth.

He added: “If the person bathes naked, they will definitely be eaten by crocodiles, for sure. If they wear clothes they will not be ambushed.”

Syariffudin was found with injuries to his ribs on the right side of his body.

Police chief inspector Talisayan Faisal Hamid, who is now investigating the incident, said: “The victim’s friends reported to the officer he was attached by a crocodile. That night we did a search.”

Credit: Viral Press

Upon residents asking a crocodile charmer to help he said it was ‘very weird’ that three crocodiles emerged from the water at the time.

He said: “People also bathe in the water, so again, it is unlucky that he was killed by the crocodile.”

Hamid also said that the ‘important thing was the that the body had been found’ and locals were now hunting the crocodile that attacked the man.

The power of crocodiles was shown earlier this year when pictures showed the incredible moment one swallowed a zebra whole.

Photographer Subramanian Sridharan managed to take the pictures, and said that he just had to accept nature taking its course.