Herpetic whitlow is an infection that affects the fingers; it happens quite infrequently and one may think this disease is quite harmless, however, if left untreated, it could cause severe complications. Dentists and medical staff who work with patients often suffer from herpes simplex virus.

What happens when a person has herpetic whitlow?

When a person suffers from herpetic whitlow, red, swollen areas covered with bullas will appear on his/her fingers; these sores are quite painful and can disrupt one’s daily routine. Symptoms of herpetic whitlow appear suddenly and acutely, most often a person gets cured without treatment. However, it could return, just like normal herpes.

If you suspect you have herpetic whitlow and the disease worries you severely, then you should consult a doctor immediately. However, if for some reason you cannot visit a doctor, this article will teach you how to naturally treat whitlow.

Can garlic cure whitlow?

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Actually, it can. Garlic is among the most popular remedies for herpetic whitlow. Firstly, you must peel and chop a whole head of garlic and add it into a glass of hot water (80 °C). Cover the container and let it infuse for about 3-5 minutes. Place the affected parts in the mixture and soak it until the water completely cools off, then filter the mixture and apply garlic pulp to the affected area and tie it with a bandage.

You can also treat whitlow with onions. Take one medium sized onion, peel it, cut it into two halves and bake in the oven till it is soft. If you have no oven, you can boil the onion with milk; place the cooked onion on the festering bulla and apply a bandage to keep it in place. The medical dressing must be changed every 5 hours. Onion helps purulent bulla to ripen and release all the purulence.

Other home remedies for whitlow

The healing qualities of aloe plant helps when it comes to whitlow cure. You need to cut the fleshy leaf open and carefully scrape out the pulp. Crush the pulp of the aloe leaf until juice is made and apply it to the affected area. Aloe helps to reduce inflammation.

Baking soda and salt helps to cure whitlow in children. When these ingredients are mixed with warm water (not more than 70°C), you get an effective solution that can combat whitlow. Children’s skin are particularly delicate, so you need to be very careful to avoid injuries. You will need to add 1 tbsp of salt and baking soda to half a liter of water. Mix well until the salt and the baking soda are fully dissolved in the water, then put the child’s finger in the mixture. It is recommended that you continue the procedure for 15 minutes. It can be repeated 2 more times per day.

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