Actress Uche Nnanna has also reacted to Kemi Olunloyo’s detention.

She took to her Instagram to ask all Christians to stand up against this as she doesn’t understand why a man of God will arrest a journalist for writing about him. Read below…

“Fellow Nigerians and Christians. I have been so worried since yesterday after reading that a Federal High Court in Rivers State remanded Kemi Oluloyo again in prison. Please if I may ask? What is her offense, please? Who did she offend? God or man of God? And I ask again why is everybody keeping quiet over this. I may not be her fan; neither do I have anything against her. Do I assume everybody is keeping quiet because it is not a Nigerian Authority nor one powerful politician who go her arrested, else hell would have been let loose with everyone calling for her release. So why is this case different? For crying out loud why will a man of god arrest a journalist because she wrote something about him? What happens to practicing what we preach.
As Christians we are the followers of Christ and so why can’t we live a Christ-like life? We say our Lord’s prayer everyday “Father forgive us our sins as we forgive those who trespassed against us”. Please this man of God that arrested Kemi, what did Christ do to the Jews that crucified him on the cross of Calvary? This is the Lenten season as we all know. He said “Father forgive them for they do not know what they do. Now, this apart let’s reflect back on the case of Late Pope Johnpaul the 11, sure we all can remember. What did he do to the man that shot him? When the authorities brought the man before him, he pleaded with them to him go. He even went as far as visiting him in the prison and also prayed for him.
This is what my faith as a Catholic taught me to imbibe, “forgiveness” The bible made it clear that all have sinned and come short go the glory of God.
So please let all Christians stand up and say no to this. I am expecting bash from this because it may be misconstrued in some quarters that Uchenna Nnanna Maduka is seeking for 5 minutes’ fame. So be it, I have spoken my mind because I have been hurting since yesterday.Let us be like Christ who we represent here on earth.
Thank you.”