A woman is lucky to be alive after being thrown out of a speeding vehicle in Lagos.

Ifeoma Nwaoma boarded a commercial bus at Iyana-Ipaja around 2pm on Friday. Unknown to her, it was a bus operated by criminals known as one-chance. Four men and an elderly woman were already in the bus before she got in.

Shortly after the bus zoomed off, she sensed she had entered a one-chance bus and asked to be dropped. But the driver increased his speed. She was then threatened with death after which her bag was collected and they threw her out of the speeding bus.

She lost consciousness and woke hours later to be informed that she went into a coma and it was a good Samaritan who found her and brought her to the hospital. She was told she would have died if she hadn’t been brought in for treatment immediately.

The victim suffered horrific injuries to her head, face, arms and shoulder when she landed on the hard pavement and she shared photos of her injuries to go with her story.

She wrote:

And i Left My House On 7th Of June (07/06/19) ,at about 2:pm Midday (Friday Precisely) .

i boarded a Public bus (Mini bus) from my busstop Enrout to ilekpo Market Lagos, where i Wanted to buy Food Stuffs.

Just Few Minutes drive from where i boarded (iyanakpaja) i Realized i have Entered a Wrong Vehicle. (ONE CHANCE PRECISELY ).

Drop Me here i Shouted & Shouted but the Driver increased his Speed instead . A total Number Of 5 Passenger’s were in the bus already (4Men & One Elderly Woman). Shut Up your Mouth Or we kill you here they all Echoed in Agreement.

Before i knew what was Going On they have Forcefully taken away my handbag ,and Pushed Me Out Of the Speeding Car. That was the Least i Remembered.

i Woke Up in the Hospital after Many Hours Of Unconsciousness (Coma). And Was told that Some Good Samaritans Carried Me to the Hospital were i was Giving Urgent Medication & Attention.

This are the Exact Words Of the Doctor ” IF YOU WEREN’T HERE AS AT THE TIME YOU WERE BROUG