Peterunique’s Post

Dear ladies, l am a guy but let me give this
shikini advice. We will never marry a girl that
fucks like a pornstar3, smokes like a
dragon, drinks all kinds of alcohol’scU?T
and Pierce everywhere pierceable,
Who wants to take a girl that customized her
body with tattoos, can’t do without heavy
make up and dresses like a bitch , home

Cooking skillsiot- Zero , laundry game & –
novice, traditional etiquettes poor, home
managementterrible. Just to wash
plate e, you’ll be complaining, washing your
own clothes na war &, noodles is your best
environmentals. Shey you want to hear the
bitter truth, we boys we tell you to keep it
up, keep slaying s.

We will take you to
shoprite, justrite tantalizer, Mr Biggs,
cinema, and everywhere you want to go.Sand you always hateShebi you can do Snapchat
and carry flower on your head.

Every time ‘nails on fleek”‘eyebrows on
fleek”,” pepper dem nonsense” your
future will still pepper you. Too much
atarodo sauce and chivita juice.

Continue. We will keep encouraging you and
dating youse, We will hangout and have fun
with each other but at the end of the day, we
will leave y’all and go and look
4a decent Girl R to marry.

We won’t even care if she’s from the village
sef. So far she can perform all home duties
and make us comfortable and happye? .

By then where will you be? What will you do with
your life? Better slay with your sense and let
your thinking be on fleek.Guys will date slay
queens ,boss chicks,etc cause dating
such girls during youth period is somehow
classy .But trust me that guy will never
take you to his fathers house when
marriage is due.Keep on tattooing and
piercing my sisters.Think about your future.
A word is enough for the wise.
Eno kukuma concern me let me be wakaring
away jhoor A