The greatest benefit of adulthood is that you can be free in your acts. Including the food choice. But when the belly grows Very important : 10 foods not to eat at 30 years of age  the numbers on the scales start to scare, then this is clear. But we want to be beautiful at 30 the same as at 20 so we have to know the main traits of maintaining our perfect body shape.

The older a person becomes, the more difficult it is for him to struggle with excess weight. Metabolism becomes slower so the diet should be reconsidered. Some of them no longer bring the adult formed body any good, and some, on the contrary, even do a great deal of harm. Life is changing, your body is changing so your diet should do it as well.

It’s important also in a health contex.When a person reaches 30 years of age, it is necessary to refuse to use the following products:

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#1. Yoghurt with flavorings.

Yoghurts with various flavors contain much more sugar than even chocolate does. To have a healthy complexion and not to provoke the appearance of wrinkles, discard it.

#2. Tinned vegetables.

In canned vegetables are contained a lot of salt, which promotes premature aging of the skin. It also has a negative effect on normal blood pressure. It is especially dangerous to consume canned foods in tin cans, which may include chemicals that cause cancer, infertility and obesity.

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#3. Low alcohol drinks.

With age, the body generally ceases to absorb alcohol. If you can drink beer in 21, dance until midnight, and look good in the morning, then it will not turn out at 30 already. In addition to the morning hangover, alcohol “sucks” all the moisture out of the body, which is bad for the elasticity of the skin.

#4. Sausages.

The preservatives, flavor enhancers and stabilizers contained in them provoke the development of stomach cancer and other diseases. It should be excluded from your daily meal.

5. Cookies with stuffing. Many like to have breakfast with them. Fast, tasty and satisfying. But these biscuits contain a huge risk of cardiovascular disease. Both the biscuit itself and its filling include a large amount of sugar.

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#6. Carbonated drinks.

For those who think about the continuation of their kind, one must forever forget about sweet carbonated drinks. They contain a huge amount of sugar and carcinogenic dyes, which lead to infertility of both men and women.

#7. Dietary drinks.

Drinks like diet cola instead of caramel chemical dye, which makes the cola brown, contain elements colored with brominated vegetable oil used in rocket fuel. This has a negative effect on the hormones of the thyroid gland.

#8. Popcorn.

Of course, the corn itself does not present any harm, but the method and technology of its preparation are very dangerous. In addition, that popcorn can contain a huge amount of salt and sugar, for its preparation, flavors, palm oil and synthetic ingredients are used.

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#9. Chips.

It has long been known that potato flour or special potato flakes are used instead of natural potatoes to make potato chips. But this is not the worst thing that they have. Producers of chips add to them to enhance the taste of sodium glutamate and various synthetic flavors, which give the chips a taste of cheese, sausage onions and so on.

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#10. Soy sauce.

Harmful ketchups and mayonnaise began to actively replace soy sauce. Certainly, sauce based on fried soybeans is not as harmful as mayonnaise, but it is also not to believe in its complete safety. It contains a huge amount of sodium salt, which has an irritating effect on the mucous membrane, forms stones in the kidneys and promotes the deposition of salts in the joints.

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