A facebook user lady share a photo of her daddy that was murdered by unknown gunmen men as she expresses agony of the departure of her father that was murdered

Here is what she wrote below:

My daddy,my hero,my everything this was
not our agreed plan u know…u left us in Mkd
yesterday promising to return this week
soon but now where re u?1 woke up this
morning to receive this shocking news of
your murder kai daddywam am heartbroken.

When mummy left felt empty but God gave
us full strength through you and u took the
full responsibility of been a mother and
father too us,a peaceful,merciful and caring
father not only to your children but anyone
that comes in contact wit you,

The only man
that without asking anything from he knows
that l need it already, always ready to Carter
for my needs am glad becos u left me Wit ur
teachings and as a good teacher u were u
taught me well and I can boast to be a good
student 2ruout my stay on this wicked world
u left us thou its a wicked1 but I will follow
ur footsteps which is the best so that wen I
finally leave it will be rejoicing with u in
heaven. May God forgive the unknown
gunmen who did this to you.