He was a picture of a frustrated husband. The frustration

wasn’t work or career related though. It was of a sexual nature.
His wife had refused to have sex with him for the past four
weeks. The reason? He didn’t give in to her demand over
amatter that has to do with her side of the family. So she
wanted him to’see’ reasons to.

And she very much believed that because her husband was
a Christian, he couldn’t ‘get it’ anywhere else as that would
be against their marriage covenant. He was too much of a
gentleman to rape the wife. But the husband had started to
develop a ‘roving eye’ and a’wandering mind’.

Just then he began to mind everything in skirts and pant suits!
And to think he also worked in a place where’opportunities’

Dear Christian professional, a ‘heart to heart’ talk should suffix
to douse any marital tension as long as both partners are
committed to the marriage.

Though your spouse is a committed Christian, using sex as a
weapon for marital conflict resolution may be pushing your
luck. Don’t abuse grace. It may boomerang in your face!

“Do not deprive one another except with consent for a

time..that satan does not tempt you because of your lack of
self-control” 1Cor.7:5.

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