Meet Tony, talented young lad who produces electricity from old margarine plastics and damaged solar panels

Nigeria has a whole lot of talented people who are just waiting to be discovered. These array of human talents cut across several age ranges and profession. An example of a Nigerian who is breaking grounds when it comes to technology is young Tony.

The youthful boy who is likely to still be in his childhood years is becoming quite an inspiration for a whole lot of other Nigerians as he went against all the odds to come out with an inventive way of providing electricity.

Tony who was discovered by another Nigerian called Aura Cool on Twitter creates indigenous, homemade solar panels by simply making use of old margarine plastics and damaged solar panels within his immediate environment.

Then, the young boy adds wires, connects his small solar engine to a switch as well as a USB charging point. Not only is this locally made invention able to power a house, it can also be charged!

Meet Tony and his amazing invention Source: @Tweetoracle Source: Twitter

According to Aura Cool, Tony has already put his invention to good work in three different households. The inventiveness of this young child is clearly a sign that he is bound to do greater and better if he is given the right education and resource.

In light of this, Aura Cool, who was both challenged and inspired by Tony, took to Twitter to show forth the genius to the rest of the world.

In a tweet, the inspired Nigerian wrote a touching account of Tony: “Tony needs to go places. He finds old margerine tunes & damaged solar panels from the slum then wires it all up, connects to a switch,lights and a USB charging point. He’s made 3 families happy already by enabling them have light in their household.

Let’s empower this Genius!”

Many Nigerians have taken to responding accordingly to Aura Cool. They gave a nod of approval at the ingenious work of Tony and also vouched to support and make him grow in every way they can.

This is coming after reported the story of a genius student who was restricted from going to the university despite having made As in all his papers and gaining admission to study medicine. According to the school authorities, the 15-year-old boy was way too young to begin his tertiary education.