A play gone wrong has led to the death of a young man after he fell from the back of a car.

In a video that has since gone viral on social media, the deceased appeared to have been playing with some of his colleagues before encountering his misfortune.

Rather carelessly, he opted to sit on top of a moving car, but ended up falling as the car sped off.

The deceased, who looks to be in his mid-20s, hit his head on the ground and immediately fell unconscious after the incident. Initially his friends gathered to revive him, but soon realised that he was not responding to their calls.

The video of the incident was first shared by a Twitter user with the name Kwame Darkah, accompanied by the caption: “And just like that, Tonga is no more.

This is sad but completely avoidable. Guys let’s play cautiously. R.I.P bruh”.

The shocking incident sparked condolence messages from a number of Twitter users, who sympathised with the family of the deceased.

One user said: “I always say this. We are all so fragile but the Lord somehow finds a way to protect us in ways that we can never understand.”

Another added: “Charley…. We all have to be extra cautious No one saw this coming…. R.I.P. bro.”

Another video also sees Dennis preparing Gari soakings with his friends. So  it was just after drinking the Gari soakings that this sad event took place. Very sad