By  Eric  Patrick,

United States President, Donald Trump on Monday stirred controversy online after he referred to Muhammadu Buhari Nigerian president as ‘Lifeless’

Trump made the statement shortly after a meeting between the two leaders on April 30, Financial Times reported on Monday.

 THEWATCH NEWS gathered that, Donald Trump told his aides that he don’t want to meet with Buhari again in his life, i want to meet with  a president that worth meeting, he quickly added.


President Buhari who made a shocking revelation said that Donald Trump made that statement out of anger because he Buhari denied America oil. my meeting with Trump was to talk about how to fight corruption and terrorism that can help the two countries but he was begging me to help America with oil so i declined; If am so ‘Lifeless’ i would not have being able to trek 800 metres, he quickly added.

 However, this has stirred divergent opinions online as some agreed with Trump calling for Buhari not to seek re-election in 2019.