Sometimes, hunger takes a hold of you, and you just want to eat anything that is readily available, however, research suggests that it’s not a good habit to eat just about anything on an empty stomach, because of the potential dangers that lie therein.

Here are some foods you are advised against eating in an empty stomach.


Spicy food may smell and look great, but eating them in the morning can cause irritation in the stomach. This is as a result of their sharp taste, which has the ability to trigger indigestion. Garlic and hot chilli are perfect examples of foods like these.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a tall, chilled glass of juice or coke in the morning or as you return home from work, but you have to ensure you would have eaten something first otherwise, you can cause problems for your pancreas.


I’ll just go to the point here. Drinking a cold beverage early in the morning before anything else enters your stomach can damage your membrane, and cause indigestion. Doctors advice starting your day with something warm instead.


A lot of people are used to taking coffee early in the morning, but it perhaps isn’t a healthy habit. Taking coffee on an empty stomach can cause acidity.


Bananas are very popular amongst people who want to have quick digestion due to the high level of potassium and magnesium in them, however, if taken on an empty stomach, can cause an imbalance of those properties in the blood.


Tomatoes are very rich in vitamin C, but eating them in an empty stomach can lead to gastric problems due to their acidic nature.


Fruits are always very healthy if they are eaten at the right time. Eating citrus fruits on an empty stomach may increase acid production. Moreover, too much fiber and fructose in fruits can also slow down your digestive system if eaten on an empty stomach. You should especially avoid eating fruits with tough fibers like guava and oranges early in the morning.