Some of them described Trump’s decision as a bold move, saying it was against all international consensus regarding the matter.

Oyakhilome, the cleric behind the esteemed Believers LoveWorld Incorporation (Christ Embassy), planned another outstanding trip to the Holy Land and hundreds of his followers are joining him on this spiritual journey. The trip to Israel is a week long voyage (May 10 – 18) aimed at lifting the spiritual heights of all participants.

A member of the Christ Embassy church said, “Donald Trump has many avid evangelical supporters in the US, yet he did not fold to the  pressure of those against the idea and understood the great biblical significance of recognising the capital of the Jewish state in this way.”

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, he also said, “The connection between the Christian community around the world and the Jewish people can be attributed to their shared belief in the Old Testament.”

He added, “It is for these very reasons that visiting the Holy Land is such a monumental moment in the life of an Evangelical Christian. Pastor Chris’ organised visit to Israel and Jordan provides the opportunity to hundreds of believers and followers of the pastor to experience a new level of spiritual connection to Jesus. Visiting the Holy sites with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s guidance is a once in a lifetime chance to visualise the events in the Bible first hand.

Meanwhile, the church said that Oyakhilome hand selected as many special and significant sites as possible so that participants could experience as much of the Holy Land as possible in a short eight-day long strip.

“Special sites include the ancient city of Petra in Jordan and Cana where Jesus turned water into wine. The focus of the visit of course will be on holy and spiritually significant places, such as the Church of Primacy, where Jesus met with the disciplines for the “last breakfast,” a statement from the church read.

“Places significant to the Jewish people are a focus in this trip as well, as they are organising a visit to sites such as the Western Wall, which is the ancient external wall of the Second Jewish Temple destroyed roughly 2000 years ago,” the statement also read.

It added, “In addition to the physical journey, Pastor Chris and his followers will have, a more meaningful spiritual path is expected. Each site on the itinerary has both modern day and biblical significance. Pastor Chris will pause the week-long journey in a few significant sites to hold a delegation wide ministration to all participants.

 “The aim is to connect participants of faith to the places they are experiencing and visiting. It will be a chance to hear the man of God’s perspective and enlightened insight on the Holy Land and its connection to the Bible.”