When the first automobile rumbled into American culture we were enthralled, and have since never looked back.

The decades following gave birth to some of the most stunning innovations in terms of speed, passenger appeal, and overall aesthetic, with designs ranging from the sleek and sophisticated to downright strange.

From futuristic models that look like something right out of The Jetsons to ingeniously unusual, if bizarrely, designed hybrids; the merging of old and new takes on a whole new meaning in the realm of the out-of-the-ordinary car creation. Getting from Point A to Point B is an understandable goal for most car owners, but some have it in their blood to take a step–or mile–further. The concept of form over function (and vice versa) simply doesn’t apply where the innovatively bizarre car is concerned.

Sci-Fi inspired or a new take on an old classic, with every conceptual notion captured between four (or three…or two…and sometimes even one) wheels, the strange needn’t be alien when it comes to the Leonardo da Vincis among us regular drivers. After all, there’s a lot of potential between Point A and Point B, so why not make the journey a memorable one?