Come checkout some of the best modern ankara styles for ladies! Despite the fact that this material is used to sew female clothing for many years, designers constantly surprise Nigerian women with new interesting combinations of colours, shapes, and prints.

Ankara gowns

The wardrobe of a modern woman is quite diverse and consists of elegant suits, chic blouses, gorgeous trousers, stylish skirts, comfortable jeans, etc. But the favorite garment for the most beautiful ladies is still a dress that is created to emphasize elegance, refinement, grace, and femininity of the figure. A dress for a woman is just as necessary as the fragrance for a flower.

A gown is one of the most versatile types of clothes. After all, regardless of the occasion, the easiest way to create an attractive image is to wear beautiful ankara dresses. The variety of styles and silhouettes is truly unlimited: fitted and free, mini and maxi, business and flirty, monochrome and multicolored, strict and romantic. Tastefully chosen Ankara styles will become an ornament of a woman and will favorably emphasize her individuality.

Short ankara dresses

Latest Ankara styles that open women’s legs are in the wardrobe of almost every fashionista. In a skillful combination with accessories, a short dress will successfully complement the everyday business image, serve for the special celebration, help on a romantic date and become a win-win option for a party.

Choose short dresses carefully, taking into account the features of your figure. Even very beautiful ankara styles with a shortened hemline can treacherously focus on the shortcomings of the figure.

Plus size ladies are recommended to select a length just above the knee and avoid the voluminous skirts. Short dress supplemented with strict trousers, tight jeans or leggings looks perfect.

Of no small importance is the color of the dress. Bright fabrics, large patterns, decorating details visually add volume and can disrupt the proportions. Such Anakra fabrics are preferable for slender ladies. Dresses of discreet shades without an abundance of prints make figure slimmer.

Long ankara gowns

Long dresses emphasize delightful shapes and lines of the body. They can simultaneously show all the virtues and hide the small imperfections by making the proportions harmonious and natural.

Beautiful long dresses have several advantages:

Another significant advantage of such modern ankara styles for ladies is that in them every movement of a woman acquires ease and grace. Even inside yourself on an emotional level, you will feel the changes. The posture becomes straighter and the gait is more smooth and feminine.

A possible cut on the side and fluffy loose folds do not impede movement at all, on the contrary – they add the piquancy to the image.

In addition, do not forget about convenience. A girl in a long gown doesn’t need to pull the edge of the skirt down constantly.

Features of the figure:

Slender tall girls look good in each of unique Ankara styles. But you should avoid vertical lines in the pattern, they will only make you look slimmer and taller.

Girls with magnificent forms should better abandon baggy and shapeless styles. A dress with an overstated waist and belt will fit perfectly. The patterns should be small.

Gowns on thin straps are ideal for hot weather, but they fit only girls with miniature shoulders and slim hands.

Choose the ankara Kaftan styles, they will make you to look feminine but at the same time will not draw attention to the protruding belly or too wide thighs.

Ankara styles tops

Ankara fashion offers a variety of interesting styles of tops that differ in colors, design and length of sleeves.

It’s up to you whether there will be a fashionable collar or deep neckline on your top. But consider a couple of nuances:

V-neck neckline will help to emphasize the beauty of a lush decollete. But the cutout should be not too deep. Collars under the throat are contraindicated in this case.

The cutout decorated with ruffles, flounces, frills, will attract a look to the shape of your face. If it is ideal, then there is nothing to be afraid of.

A decollete that has a square shape visually expands the line of shoulders. If they are wider than average, then consider another option.

Peplum tops made with ankara

This season It’s about peplum tops. Peplum is a special element that is made in the form of a belt sewn at the waist level. Such a detail is used to create classical feminine images.

Peplum can be sewn from the same material as the top or from fabrics of other colors and textures. Designers offer a wide range of options: asymmetrical, multi-layered, flowing in large waves or air-weightless.

A wide frill conceals the small flaws of the figure, so even ladies with rather magnificent shapes can afford peplum tops. This model has a unique ability to emphasize the waistline in such a way that the effect of an ideal hourglass figure is created.

However, the choice of such clothes should be approached with special care. The design with the short forward and extended back part will suit plus size ladies. It will hide the excess fullness of the thighs and emphasize the chest.

Ankara jackets

Ankara tops and trousers may be supplemented with stylish jackets. Jacket has long become an indispensable detail of the female wardrobe.

It is often difficult to choose something from the variety of styles that exist today. Take into account the following pieces of advice:

Give up the shapeless silhouettes. No matter what figure you have, this is not the best choice. Such a cut reduces all the advantages of female beauty.

Avoid excessive decoration on the sleeves – this can visually change the proportions of the hands and introduce disharmony into the image.

A long row of buttons will make you slimmer.

Excess weight is well hidden by dark colors. In this case, you must avoid the abundance of decorative elements, pockets, and fabrics with large patterns.

We hope that it was interesting for you to find out about the latest ankara styles for women. Love yourself and regularly adding creativity to your wardrobe, be cheerful, fashionable, and beautiful.