A Nigerian man has raised an alarm after he was harassed by a lady on Facebook for not chatting with her whenever he’s online. The young man from Kwara state incurred the lady’s wrath for ignoring her online despite her initiating their conversations most times.

The desperate lady from Delta state vented her anger on the innocent guy – calling him all sorts of names and raining insults on him.

The young man decided to share screenshots of their chats on Facebook.

Read what Olubukola Ozone shared on Facebook;

Really, things are happening in this world. At first, I didn’t want to talk about this, but the kind of headache it has given me since it happened till now can’t be explained. These messages didn’t only spoil my day on Friday, it succeeded in spoiling my mood too for the whole weekend. I’m yet to recover.

Before I tell you the Friday story, some of my friends might notice I was not very active on Facebook some few weeks ago, and that’s because of another soul stabbing experience from a Facebook friend who told me to help her read the book she was working on and to contribute to it by writing a few pages if possible. I told her about the things I’ve been going through as well as my very busy schedule that wouldn’t allow me be of help in that regards. And she threw caution to the wind almost immediately and started raining abuses on me. She said I’m fake and anyone who sees me on my profile would think I’m the best guy there is. I can’t even recall all the adjectives she used to qualify me. I went into emotional trauma.

Here’s the story of the girl from Friday;

She sent me a request last year April, I accepted, and on the same day she chatted me up inbox. I’m someone who consciously tries to be friendly with the people in my space, including the ones I’m not familiar with yet, so I responded. Our chat was rather shot on that day because I was on a job.

The following day or there about, she chatted me up again and told me about her preps for her sister’s wedding. Without asking for permission, she sent me a video of herself in the kitchen, cooking. And I gave her a thumb up (I’ll post the video in the comment section). That was the last time we chatted. Sincerely speaking, I didn’t even remember her name again after then.

Then suddenly on Friday (that’s one whole year after our first two chats), she sent me a message accusing me of why I haven’t blocked her from my space. I was confused. I asked why, but it’s as if she was specially sent by the devil to spoil my day. She went all James Bond on me and started spitting fire. I had never been so lost in my life. I wondered what in the seven heavens my ancestors did to warrant such names calling. I’ve not been myself since that chat. And I just feel like sharing the screenshots with you guys. This is one of the many things I’m facing on this platform that is killing me.

All these things are beginning to get to me, and I solemnly pray I don’t lose my mind one day. Only God knows how many other people are going through similar experiences, or worse, simply because they have 5000 friends on Facebook. If you’re one of those who resort to emotional blackmail because someone couldn’t do something you asked of them, or because they don’t find your greenlight green enough, or just not interested in being intimate with you, please change. You have no idea how much it hurts. We’re all working towards figuring out our lives and no one is a messiah in this world. Roll your boat as you wish and let me paddle my canoe in peace.