Have you already checked the styles of the latest Ankara gowns for ladies? They are beautiful! Ankara is never out of fashion and it looks gorgeous in every cut, absolutely every taken style! Just take a look at these wonderful styles that can enchant you from the very first glance.

Why is Ankara so popular?

Ankara fabric is pretty, bright, and very comfortable in wearing. It’s natural and doesn’t irritate skin. It’s available everywhere and for everybody. If you want to have a pretty dress, you just need a piece of Ankara fabric and a style you would like to wear. Even if you simply wrap it around your body you will look lovely.

Ankara patterns and colors look very African and authentic. This feature has already made this fabric popular and famous outside Africa. You can even see Hollywood stars wearing Ankara on all possible occasions. Indeed, the bright festive look of this fabric is able to turn a garment into a masterpiece.

Below, you will see some really perfect ideas for Ankara gowns designed for different occasions and different body types. Every woman can find a pretty style for her in Ankara designs, no matter whether she is slim or curvy.

Extra stylish short Ankara gowns for ladies

Short Ankara gowns are a great choice for any occasion, from a date to classes at a University. However, the rules of decency should be observed in any case. Even if the dress is called short it should never be extra short to expose everything that must be hidden.

Short dresses can be narrow or loose, have a tight bodice and a puffed skirt, and so on. Depending on your figure and your personal feeling of comfort, you can always choose a short Ankara dress to suit your demands. Ankara offers plenty of color and pattern variations, so you are free to choose a suitable dress for any occasion.

For instance, check out these options.

A short Ankara dress in pastel colors with an interesting cut of sleeves. They create an unusual but very stylish pointed shoulder line, emphasizing the fragility of a woman’s body

A loose Ankara dress with a solar pattern on one side looks super comfortable for a hot day. The “cold-shoulder” openings attract extra attention to the upper part of the dress. It’s a perfect cut for any body type

A tight Ankara dress with black parts. The black pieces on the sleeves and skirt of this dress create a very interesting effect and a pleasant contrast. It’s a dress that’s able to add beauty to all body types

A very interesting and quite daring gown with a completely exposed back. It’s definitely a choice for a special occasion like a wedding or a date, not for everyday situations. However, it’s definitely worth having!

A very interesting Ankara design with a lace back and a zipped front. The lace of a matching color creates a very interesting effect and the zipper gives the dress a stylish touch

Ankara gowns for pregnant ladies

There’s no better choice for a pregnant lady than an Ankara dress. Bright and lively, it helps keep a good mood and look pretty. Besides that, the natural fabric is the best thing for a woman who’s prone to allergic reactions due to the delicate state of her health.

The available designs are numerous and very lovely, just look!

A loose sunny yellow gown is short in the front and has a long trail. It’s super comfortable for an expecting mother because it doesn’t restrict her movements and provides a lot of comfort

A short off-shoulder gown in bright colors is able to conceal the rounded stomach perfectly well. Some expecting mothers just hate being gazed at!

A short Ankara dress with a bright pattern looks super cute! It’s not very loose or wide, yet, it looks perfect on an expecting mother’s body!

Beautiful Ankara gowns for plus sizes

There’s an opinion that Ankara patterns are not good for curvy ladies. Well, it’s a mistake. There are patterns and colors that look especially good on such figures. It’s only necessary to choose a proper fashion and colors that match your individual complexion and taste.

Let’s see examples of pretty Ankara styles for curvy ladies.

A bright Ankara dress with a tight bodice and a voluminous skirt. The delicate but bright belt makes an accent on the waistline while the neck opening of a complicated shape shows the cleavage. Comfortable sleeves that reach elbows add some modesty to compensate with the décolleté

A lovely dress that imitates a crop top and a skirt looks gorgeous on a curvy lady. The loose edge attached to the bodice conceals the volume in the waist area while the plaited skirt offers plenty of comfort in movement

A nice high-waisted dress with small sleeves and a square neck opening looks just amazing. The high waistline lengthens the legs while the low-cut neck opening decorated with some bling is a true eye-catch!

Something in between a dress and a skirt with straps is a great thing for every woman. You can wear any blouse underneath and always look fresh, young, and very beautiful in such a bright and comfortable piece of clothes

A combination of a dress and a vest made out of bright and sunny Ankara is a perfect choice for a curvy lady. The low neck opening attracts glances while the tight cut makes the dress stick to the body like the second skin

Attractive Ankara gowns for slim ladies

Slim ladies are able to wear just anything without any restrictions. However, there are some very attractive and eye-catching Ankara designs that are worth special attention.

A floor-length Ankara dress with sleeves of the “7/8” style looks great on slim ladies. With its loose skirt and a tight bodice, it’s able to add some volume where necessary and, simultaneously, emphasize a lady’s fragility

A midi Ankara dress that shows a bold but extremely attractive combination of cherry-red and yellow Ankara fabrics with the same pattern. The off-shoulder upper part and the skirt that looks like a wrapper are elegant and bright

A starred bodycon dress is designed especially for fragile ladies. The thin belt emphasizes the tiny waist together with the tight cut

Beautiful Ankara gowns for church

Ankara dresses are even suitable for attending the church. They are bright enough for such an occasion and look festive and lively. The main demand for such dresses, however, is modesty and decency. There should be no ultra-short skirts, crop tops and so on. Here are several lovely Ankara dresses that can be worn to the church freely.

Ankara is a great fabric that should be used in your everyday clothes. It’s comfortable and bright, and it looks really good!

Source: Naija.ng