Virginia said her started denying her of conjugal rights and abandoned his eight children since the allegation.

A 30-year-old marriage has been dissolved by an Ikorodu Customary Court in Lagos, on Friday.

The marriage was dissolved after a Civil Servant, Virginia Ugwuja told the court that her estranged husband, Emmanuel, who is a pastor and retired police officer, accused her of being possessed.

Confirming that Emmanuel accused her of being possessed by an evil spirit, Ugwuja said since her husband “heard from the church that I possessed an evil spirit, he started denying me conjugal rights and abandoned me and our eight children, five years ago.

“He also gave the two houses we jointly owned to his church (The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Church), saying that the buildings belonged to God.”

Virginia, a resident at Odun Ifa Str., Adeniji Adele, Lagos, had in 2017 sought the dissolution of the marriage over allegations of abandonment, denial of conjugal rights and irresponsibility.

She accused her husband’s church of being the originator of the problems in their marriage.

Virginia said that prophecies from the church accusing her of possessing an evil spirit were responsible to the disaffection between her and her husband.

In his response, the 54-year-old husband admitted Virginia’s allegations and asked the court to dissolve the union.

Dissolving the marriage, the Court President, Funmi Adeola, said that it had broken down irretrievably as evidence from the couple have proved that there was no more love in the union.

“It is obvious that there is no more love in the union, since evidence shows that the two houses built by the couple were donated to the church by the husband.

“Having left the house and accusing your wife of possessing an evil spirit, you are hereby ordered to pay your wife all the expenses she has spent on your eight children.

“The husband is to refund the children’s school fees of N400,000, hospital bills of N235,000, a feeding allowance of N350,000 and a house rent of N900,000, while he was away from home.

“You are also ordered to pay N20,000 monthly as feeding allowance for the last two children who are below age 18,” she ruled.