You may be asking why you need protective hairstyles for 4c natural hair. Also, what exactly is 4C natural hair and what does it look like? Well, 4C natural hair has the kinkiest and thickest texture of all natural hair types.

Sadly, the most accepted type of natural hair are the ones with slicked down edges and loose texture. As a result, the 4C hair is widely misunderstood and looked down upon by some. Given this, you may have wondered why your edges just won’t lay down but we’re here to tell you that not everyone will have laid edges. Wear your mane like a crown, sis!

Just like every other hair texture, protective hairstyles exist for 4c natural hair and they are sure easy to style! Protective hairstyles define styles which serve the purpose of protecting the hair tips from heat, the sun and external factors that can cause breakage.

Here are some easy protective hairstyles guaranteed to make your beautiful 4c mane stand out:

1. The tuck-in braids


This style is quick and easy to make. You can either choose to do this at the salon or right at home if you’ve got a hang of cornrows. Simply make sure your hair is well moisturised and you’re good to go.

2. Braided Bun


This style is also nice and easy. Also, the best part of this style is, you don’t need to have super long hair to achieve this. All you need is a nice hair extension and you’re set to slay!

3. The sylish up-do


Actually, you don’t need a hair gel to do this. The key to maintaining 4c hair is moisture retention and using suitable products

4. Twists


Twists are popular and convenient because you can make them from the comfort of your house. In addition to being stylish and protective, they’re also versatile! When you’re done rocking your twists, you can style the twist-outs in a variety of ways without causing damage to your hair, of course.