Gorgeous beaded Ankara styles for real fashionistas are perfect outfits for special events, regular daily outfits and more. Checkout our selection of best designs and get inspired.

If we talk about attire for a special occasion, then the best option is the beaded outfit. After all, the most options of rhinestones, paillettes, beads, and sequins are wonderful material for an ordinary dress or blouse transformation into a piece of art, causing a feeling of delight and admiration among other people. Evening, cocktail, and club dress sparkling with paillettes, sequins, and sparkles will be an excellent outfit for holidays.

Certainly, chic beaded outfits of latest fashion styles are obtained from silk, satin, chiffon, and lace, but with Ankara fabrics, you can also make a stunning look.

Latest Ankara styles in vogue

What kind of Ankara dresses and blouses to choose: with rhinestones, paillettes, large reflective elements etc.? Everything depends on your inner world and your desired image.

Nigerian fashionistas, inspired by the enchanting shine of glass drops, can create an amazing beauty beaded Ankara styles! A harmonious combination of colors and beads with various diameters, skillfully embroidered unusual patterns transform a dress even of the simplest tailoring into the outfit of a beautiful work of art.

Ankara colours for every taste from piercing white to deep black. Peach, mint, violet, gently blue, metallic tones are in trend. Wine, carmine, blue, gold, turquoise, and also an extremely topical emerald are in great demand this season.

Get chic in Ankara gowns and tops

In the current season, lovely dresses with the length to the floor are in trend. They are made with flared skirts and a dense top-bustier with foam inserts on the bodice. Such outfits are usually embroidered with beads or rhinestones on the top part. Besides, they have a belt that can also be encrusted with shiny rhinestones.

Creating beaded styles is a magical and painstaking process. A distinctive feature of these outfits is embroidery. A beautiful beaded dress shines and sparkles with stones, silver or gold threads, glass beads, and crystals.

In these attires, beadwork is made on the top. As a rule, this is the neckline, décolleté line, and shoulders. The beaded decor is also placed on the chest and sleeves. This arrangement of decor is typical for dresses and outfits consisting of a skirt and blouse..

Beaded decor

There are styles in which sequins or beads are evenly sewn throughout the top including the sleeves.

If the dress is decorated with peplum style, then it could be embroidered with the beads and rhinestones too.

Depending on the stylistic orientation of the outfit the geometric patterns, floral elements or traditional ornaments are embroidered with beads. It’s also popular to place rhinestones all over the surface in rows with a staggered order, in the form of a spiral or chaotically. For these purposes, the shiny and small crystals are usually used.

As for the colour of decor, the silvery rhinestones, of course, are beyond competition. You can also use white artificial pearls or beads, as well as gold beads or any other suitable colour. It all depends on your taste. The only thing is to remember, if you choose the beads colour in tone with the main fabric of the outfit, then the outfit looks more refined and exquisite.

Embroidery with beads is suitable not only for festive outfits. Such decor, but with a moderate amount can be made for dresses in the office style. The beaded collar, for example, looks very chic.

We can list and enumerate different options for dresses and blouses for hours and hours, but it’s better to see the photos conveying the beauty of these designs with sequins and beads. They look festive and luxurious. Choose the variant that suits your taste best or create the masterpieces of beaded Ankara styles.

Source: Naija.ng