A pregnant mum carried her dead son for more than three months so his twin brother could live after being given the devastating news her boys had a rare condition.

Emma Dutton was told her unborn sons had a life-threatening disease shortly into her pregnancy and at 20-weeks doctors discovered that one had died in her womb.To give her surviving child the best chance Emma, 30, told Mirror Online she had to carry his tragic brother to term.

More than 15 weeks later her and partner Mark Prince welcomed Oliver, who was delivered via c-section weighing 4ib, 11oz.

His twin, Elijah, was also delivered weighing just three ounces.

Emma told Mirror Online:

“To have that news and then be told one of them had died was just absolutely devastating. After that, I was convinced I’d lose the other one too.
“He [Elijah] stayed with me until he was born. It was incredibly sad, but I’m also pleased they had the chance to be born together.”

The couple said an emotional goodbye to Elijah before taking Oliver, now 10-months-old, home to meet his extended family. The boys had suffered from twin to twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) a condition which sees one baby receive a higher flow of blood from the placenta than the other. It can be fatal to both twins.