Last night, the housemates were given an opportunity to canvass and campaign for votes . During her session, Bisola made a confession that stunned many of her fans. The bubbly multi-talented entertainer revealed she isn’t a university graduate.

Giving her emotional speech, she said “I have never been in university neither am I a graduate so I am sometimes envious when I hear other housemates talk about what and when they did this or that in school, not because I wasn’t intelligent to go to school but because I didn’t have the funds too. Every exams I passed, I never made it through because there was no money to send myself to school. I struggled and said to myself, you know Bisola, you have a talent, that talent can feed you, you shouldn’t let the circumstances or the situation you have found yourself put you down. I have had my depression at some point in my life but so far I have moved on….”