Am not saying that the feud between Nicki minaj and Remy Ma has come to stay, but it seems we all are getting entertained by it.

Last night, the pink print rapper took to her Instagram page to share hot, sexy and sizzling photos from her recent outing in London and she added captions taken from her latest Remy diss track which is still topping the charts in the United States.

“She see my sexy ass every time she scroll,” the female MC said in one photo of her showing off her endowed bum, and in another photo she shared with Drake, said, “Me & Drizzy laughed @ dat.”

More photos after the cut

Remy Ma dragged Nicki on the song ‘Shelter’ claiming that there was a time Nicki’s ‘fake butt’ exploded. Many people had thought that the Trinidadian rapper would never reply Remy until she dropped three songs, two of which she took shots at Remy, and a the third where talked about her break up with Meek Mill.

🎀She see my sexy ass every time she scroll🎀🦄In No Frauds, the queen of rap fired shots in Remy Ma’s direction without bothering to mention her name, and later took to her Instagram to challenge Remy to put out a hit in 72hrs, promising to gift her $500,000 if she meets this deadline as well as other conditions.

Me & Drizzy laughed @ dat 🎀 #NickiInPARISWell, Remy Ma didn’t. Nicki took down the post and now is taunting her rival with hot new photos with lines from her song, plus rubbing the alleged ‘fake butt’ in Remy’s face.

I took the price & lift dat btch up 😜🔥