Daniella Okeke has been successfully dragged into the sex scandal between Stephanie Otobo and Apostle Johnson Suleman of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide! 

Apart from Otobo’s allegation that she’s the pastor’s lover who engages in three-somes, the Mercedes Benz GL 450 (MUSIC 123 EJ) registered in the name of Apostle Suleman has left Okeke with little leeway. 

With the registration of the car valued at $76,000 traced to Apostle Suleman, she will find it hard extricating herself from the disgraceful episode capable of ruining reputations and homes. 

For the 30 year old actress, her defence must be watertight. 

Here are two options she has to prove that she doesn’t know Apostle Suleman intimately, nor got a car gift from him:

1. Daniella Okeke could have bought the jeep from a dealer.

And all she has to do is to produce a receipt. Once cars are registered, the name of the original owners are linked as long as the number plate is unchanged. 

2. Or, she can produce another third party, may be here boyfriend, who bought the car from the original owner. The receipt also has to be produced.

Source – Encomium.ng