Beautiful People” Confidence is your best accessory you ought to wear it proudly. ” At Susan Chanel Skin Beauty Skin line we offer a wide range of skin care products, beauty products, health & beauty supplements and skin treatments/restoration products to bring back that beautiful and outstanding confidence to the skin.
At Susan Chanel beauty skin line we stock all types of skincare and skin repair and skin treatment products for all skin types. Our Ranges of Products includes the: Herbal Treatment Soap: This Rich soap helps to cleanse the body thoroughly, fades acne scars, clears dark armpit, dark in between thighs, reduce the visibility of stretch marks, and gives the skin a unified tone. The Herbal Treatment soap is also aid in eliminating body, rashes, skin irritation and all other skin imperfections.

Baby Look Soap: The baby look soap is specially formulated to tackle premature ageing, wrinkly skin, scaly skin, dry skin and skin with dull and gloomy appearance. To reveal a clearer brighter, radiant, glowing and velvety smooth skin.

Liquid Bath Milk: This rich, think and creamy bath milk is enriched with skin smoothing ingredients to smoothen, brighten, glow the skin in Just 7days. The rich liquid bath milk is specially formulated to pamper and gives the skin a healthy and silky appearance.

Talking Oil: This is a Natural Lightening Oil, that clears dark spots, skin pigmentation, it smoothens, brightens, gives the skin a healthy glow and velvety smooth finish.

Baby Look Antiageing Cream: The baby look is specially formulated to tackle dull skin, premature ageing, dry skin, gloomy skin tone. The baby look cream contains moisturizing properties that goes into the pores, to penetrate deep into the skin, to prevent stretch marks and strengthen the skin layer by layers.

Make Me White Cream and Make Me White Oil: The make me white cream and oil is powerful lightening oil, it brightens the skin within 7days, without stretch marks, dark knuckles, sunburn and other reactions caused by creams with Harsh Chemicals. The Make me White cream and Oil is a powder duo for that Bright, Clear, Glowing and flawless Complexion.

Dark Knuckle Solution:  The Dark Knuckle solution comprises of Knuckle Cream and Herbal Whitening Sea Salt Scrub. Thispowerful Duo is used to clear Dark Knuckles, Dark Knees, Dark Elbow and Dark Toes. It also fades out very dark /burnt knuckles

The Sea Salt Scrub can also be used solely for general exfoliation of the whole body to even out the dark areas on the body.

New Improved Face Cleanser: The New improved face cleanser cleanses the skin deeply with drying the skin out and also stripping it from its natural Oil. This deep cleansing toner moisturizes, cleanses and softens the skin. It unclogs the pores, to reveal a brighter, smoother and radiant skin tone.  This toner also helps in controlling, excess oil on the skin, to give the skin the skin a matte look when makeup is applied.

Sun Burn Cream: The sunburn cream is specially formulated to ridsun burn on the face, dark circle around the eyes and patches onthe face.  It gives the face a unified tone in just 3days of usage.

Super Stretch Mark and Scar OIL: The super stretch mark and scar oil is specially formulated to tackle stretch marks and old scars on the skin. Stretch caused by Pregnancy, weight loss, skin care products with harsh chemical contents, steroids. The Stretch Mark and Scars oil fades out old scars, chicken pox, small pox and measles scars, hot water scars, stitch scars etc. This old is specially formulated for stretch marks and Scars.

Skin Glow Cream Super: This rich cream specially formulated with skin care and skin pampering ingredients for Dark Skin, Chocolate Skin and Ebony Skin.  For that Beautiful, Clear, Smooth, Spotless, Radiant and Healthy Glow.

12 in 1 Face Cream: The Face cream is specially formulated, for the face, neck and shoulders. It is 100% effective to clear off dark spots on the face, blemishes, age spots, dark areas, wrinkles, roughness of the face, discolorations, pimples, brown and red spots, smoothing  the face. For that flawless appearance.

Skin Glow  for dark skin Cream : This rich cream specially formulated with skin care and skin pampering ingredients for Dark Skin, Chocolate Skin and Ebony Skin.  For that Beautiful, Clear, Smooth, Spotless, Radiant and Healthy Glow.

Other Skin Care Products Includes: 

Halfcaste Cream, FaceCream,Face Shirley, Raw Carrot Oil, Slimming Herbs, VirginalTightening Set, Philippine Whitening Cream and Soap, GlutathioneWhitening Cream and Soap, Liquid Lightening Soap (Day Night), Whitening Cream, Stretch Cream, Super Stretch Mark Oil, Cream for White Patches, Skin Glow Cream, Skin Glow Cream Super, Face Cleanser, Whitnizer Cream, Pimple and Acne Set, Cream For White Patches. We also prepare special order and customized creams for clients with special needs.

At Susan Chanel Beauty Skinline we also stock skin care Vitaminsand Supplements, for healthy skin from Inside Out.  At Susan Chanel skin care line, it doesn’t matter your skin type or complexion, there is something for all skin shades.

We offer skin care consultancy services, Women’s Overall Health, Low Libido issues and general wellbeing.  We also conduct facial treatment and body massage.

And Many other Treatments Available, Includes🏼🏼🏼🏼🏼🏼🏼🏼🏼
➰Hand Sculpting
➰body scrub ➰Thermo Therapy ➰Vacumtherapy
➰ Sauna steam ➰G5 MASSAGE


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